Random Surprise: Groucho’s Spiritual Practice + Pattern Synchronicity

After seeing Enrique Oliveira’s massive tree sculpture in a gallery on the top floor of a top floor of a Madison Avenue town house on NYC’s upper East side, I wandered toward Central Park. Two unexpected things came into my field of vision:

A sign with an alledged Groucho Marx quote* prominently posted on the gate of a rather grand building. I was so taken with the message, I didn’t notice who took the time to have the wonderful sign made and displayed.

Waiting to cross the street, I looked down to witness a lovely synchronicity of blue and white checks between a dropped card case and my dress. (What are the chances of that happening?)


Sally Schneider / Improvised Life

There is SO much going on all around us, if we only just look…


* There is much confusion as to this origins of this quote and whether Groucho ever actually said it. According to Quote Investigator,

Groucho Marx made the above remark in 1972 according to a columnist, but the statement was based on a philosophy adopted by Groucho from a guest on his show “You Bet Your Life” named Hannus von Yannuh. Also, the tripartite structure presented echoes a remark from 1712.

It seems that Groucho appropriated hunks of wisdom that resonated with his life. It’s okay with us; We’ve been doing that for years.


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