Metallic Checkerboard Floors + a Trick for Visualizing Pattern Painted Floors

We love classic black and white floors and have collected many examples of them; they seem to go with just about any style or decor. We hadn’t considered metallic as a variation that theme, in weathered iron/brass/gold/copper neutrals, until we stumbled on this image. Upon closer inspection, the floor appears to be a gold-and-white painted checkerboard, not tiles.

While beautiful metallic tiles can be very expensive and difficult to find, metallic paints are both accessible and doable on a floor, although we’ve found only that one example. So we devised a trick for envisioning how they — and other floor patterns — might look.

Turning images of pattern-painted walls sideways can help visualize how the pattern would look on a floor.


…It’s a fine example of lateral – sideways –  thinking…

We applied the approach to other pattern-painted floor ideas and turned Gregor Hylla’s polychrome wall-painting on its side to see what it might look like as a floor…

Gregor Hylla

…Then we imagined a floor after the great Ernst Caramelle (by turning an image of a wall he painted on its side)…



Lot’s of possbilities…


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