Zach Lieberman’s Poetry of Code + A Six Year Old’s Astonishing Words to Live By

Zach Lieberman, named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People, is an artist, coder, teacher, and cofounder of the School for Poetic Computation, which celebrates the intersections of code, design, hardware, artistic intervention, and poetry. Every minute of his 24-minute AIGA talk is full of amazement.  We recommend watching the whole thing (here), even if you have to do it in chunks as you have time.

We’ve excerpted a clip of our very favorite two minutes, above: Lieberman reading the book his stepdaughter River made when she was six year old, called I Am Art. (Video link here.)  

River the Artist


River the Artist


River the Artist


Art is like you feel free   You

feel like you can do anithing

and you no [know] what to draw

and if you dont you look

at you     You are the one

and you heve your

own imagination

and maybe in your

imagination you

will see lins [lines] and

sxwars [squares] and in

thos sxwars and lins  you will see


and that art is

amazing and you

are to.

River the Artist




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