Music Break From All the Holiday Action: Sonnymoon

Tired and need a break from all the holiday action, Christmas music especially? This lovely song by Sunnymoon appeared out of nowhere on Spotify while we were working. And is, curiously, just the thing.


(It goes until about 3:95; the rest is an unplanned extra…)

Who will tell me when my day is through
How I close my eyes
When I’ve done enough

When I’ve lived and died a thousand times
The sun will rise
When I do

Just before dawn
Just before dawn
Blue skies

Here we are
Who would be the first to go
Never had it crossed my mind
What goes on I’m scared to miss

Any night
You should have someone to hold
Tell you that you did okay
When your mind’s against you

Just before dawn
Blue skies
Just before dawn
Blue skies
Blue skies

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