Draped Linens and Drop Cloths Transform Furniture in a Chateau (and Your House as Well)

For need-of-a- refresh sofa or chairs, we take a cue from the unexpectedly chill interiors of the 12th Century château in France that Isabelle Dubois-Dumee and Hubert Bettan of the interiors brand Les Petites Emplettes have been gradually restoring.

Perhaps restoring isn’t quite the right word: more like stripping down. We love the low sofa, created with bleachy ripped cotton fabric or drop cloths, and a bunch of pillows…


…And the side chairs, wrapped and tied.



Looks like a twin bed was transformed into a daybed with draped cloth and abundant pillows the same color…


An inviting low sofa made from mattresses and more white pillows (at top). The feeling is loose, easy comfort.

We could hang out all day….


Via Remodelista; photography via Chateau de Dirac.

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