Shout What You Love (Jessica’s Daily Affirmation)

Although the title of this video is “Jessica’s ‘Daily Affirmation'”, we see it as a little kid counting —well, shouting, really — blessings: all the stuff she has and loves. Her fierce soliloquy is a deep appreciation of the great ordinary. (Video link here.)


Jessica created an amazingly effective practice which we tried ourselves, proclaiming the things we love as they came to mind. It is both uplifting and energizing.

And, we found, it can change our view from NOT-enoughness to appreciating A LOT that’s already here (which we can employ in different ways, to support what we want to do…)



It’s an amplification of the practice we came up with years ago of writing out What’s good here?   

But Jessica’s is an immediate, total body DANCE!

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