How to Do Almost Nothing on Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the real start of summer in our minds. And our minds are full of ideas for simple pleasures and ramblings, whether home or away. We’ll start with eating watermelon with a spoon right out of its shell.

Our role models of the perfect way to relax are this gang at the Seattle tubing party There is nothing like floating around with no place to go. (You can buy auto inner tubes here). The photo is a fine reminder of the feeling of deconstruction we can cultivate in whatever we do.

Burt Glinn and Magnum Photos

Balancing rocks is really relaxing

As is making some bubble art with a giant bubble rig (have one delivered)

Bubble man's bubble

Have an endless night outdoor dinner party (pot luck to share the load)

Manny Howard

Manny Howard

Maybe grill a paella, fish, vegetables or a slab of lamb on a rigged grill 

grill stand charcoal

…iced cherries are a lovely dessert (though you can easily serve them warm, if you have the gas)

Sally Schneider

Why not sleep outdoors SOMEWHERE, even the roof or backyard can be magic

or rig a magic space…

We’re just gonna DAYDREAM what we want to do...

Maira Kalman "Once again I walk across the country...In my head"

maira kalman/new york times


Bottom line: spend a lot of time hanging out!!!! Doing nothing is sublime!  Maira Kalman KNOWS from doing nothing, and especially napping….

Maira Kalman

Maira Kalman

Wishing you a dreamy lazy-dog weekend…




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  1. ellen rocco 05.25.2018 at 7:40am #

    And a dreamy lazy-dog weekend to you too…

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