Annals of Found Art: Cathedral of Vines (with Haiku)

After we saw kinship of the remarkable side-by-side toilets we saw in a public bathroom to Marcel Duchamp’s famous urinal, we realized that we frequently stumble on objects and sightings that are powerful ready-made artworks unto themselves. If we saw them in a gallery, we’d marvel, or at the very least ponder them, in the way we do “real” art.

Our current favorite is an abandoned building we often pass in our Harlem neighborhood. The vines have been ferociously, in the loveliest way possible, consuming the building to become a structure only of vines, with perfectly delineated outline of fire escape…. Who could have envisioned such a thing in their mind’s eye?

Sally Schneider

We love that we all have the opportunity to discover them; such readymades are hiding in plain sight everywhere. We have only to look around…

We searched for a vine haiku that might accompany the wonderful found art. And found them in the Everyman’s Library Pocket Haiku.

They needed only a couple of changes…

A hundred different gourds vines
From the mind
Of one vine.

The hanging suspended bridge fire escape
Creeping vines
Entwine our life.


2 Responses to Annals of Found Art: Cathedral of Vines (with Haiku)

  1. Ellen 06.12.2018 at 8:21am #

    Beautiful. A wonderful find. Thank you

  2. kimithy 06.12.2018 at 9:41am #

    Ohhhh lovely.

    My favorite thing about vine-covered walls/homes/etc is when you get close you can often see the little ecosystem it’s created – little lizards, spiders, etc. Also, the way the little vine tendrils seem to defy gravity and reach outwards is so wonderful…

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