Detour Due to Repair Work

Recently I wrote about the tiniest, slowest, yet mightiest of leaks that quietly wrecked the floors in the space I live and work in, that in turn created a cascade of impacts to my life: Certainly  not dire in the realm of difficult things that can occur in a life…but challenging nevertheless.

Sally Schneider

This new phase of repairs has meant moving out of my space altogether, along with everything “on the floor”, which is almost everything.

As I survey the new makeshift camp in which I am living, its just-moved chaos, and my own fatigue and brain swimming with a thousand details of contractors and logistics, I need to take some time off to navigate this very unexpected detour which is full of big lessons daily.

Until then, I recommend vearing off the road and into Improvised Life’s archive full of treasures, surprises, illumination… everything you might want in a detour, like this remarkable image by artist Richard Long, who has made a study of paths, and which seems…just…..right.

Richard Long

We’ll resume publishing next week.


…whatever occurs can be regarded as the path and that all things, not just some things, are workable.

One Response to Detour Due to Repair Work

  1. Vaughan Greene 09.25.2018 at 5:52pm #

    What a drag! And what a major hassle. I loved watching you transform your apartment into the efficient but yet calming and personal space that it is. After all that work for this to have happened must be very disheartening.
    This too shall pass and good cheer in getting through it all.
    You will.
    Best from your long time fan and reader.
    Vaughan G

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