The Light Touch in Life that Requires Letting Go

Years ago, I spent an afternoon on Shelter Island with my friend Chris Eldredge stacking the beautiful smooth stones we found on the beach. After hours working in meditative quiet, we looked around to see the beach transformed by a vast array of perfectly balanced mounds standing in the light of the setting sun. Twenty-five or so years later, Chris sent this message:

I didn’t think that I would be able stack these 7 stones a la Shelter Island as I was quite tired and my hands were shaking a little.

Then I thought of the light touch in life that requires letting go of notions of what is possible from the limited perspective of what I can imagine, all alone trying to do something, without calling upon the assistance of the Universe…

I decided to see what might be possible with that shift of view…


Christopher Eldredge

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  1. C 10.03.2018 at 7:33am #

    Thank you for all of the soothing inspiring thoughtful posts. They are a balm to me now.

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