Breathe In Blessings (Anne Herbert)

Floating in the internet on an ancient, dormant site called yowow, we found a small trove of writing by Anne Herbert, Making Generous Trouble; Creativity for Your Smart Heart . We quoted her often in the early years of Improvised Life, smitten by the in-the-moment wisdom we found on her site, Peace and Love and Noticing the Details, whose spare, haiku-like postings echoed her most often-quoted book ‘Practice Random Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty

Then in 2012 the writing stopped, and no one knew what happened to her until finally, years later, brief mention of her passing and life appeared on Wikipedia.

She remains largely a mystery. But her bright wisdom remains:


There’s a reason that it’s you there, in just this place.

There’s a reason the air around you touches your skin now, a reason that it’s that air and your skin.

You’re necessary and delightful.

Where your skin meets the air of this Earth, there is no break between you and the air. There is no break between you and every other thing there is. You are part of this moment–all of you, the air’s molecules, your molecules.

And there’s a reason you’re all here right now.

Dolphins don’t swim home; they swim in home. They are already there. As are we, as are you. You’re already here. You’re being right here was the blessing that was desired and is celebrated.

Breath out blessing, breath in blessing. It happens anyway, but even more if you join in.

There’s a reason it’s you here now.


We’re wishing you a fun, peaceful and connected Thanksgiving.  We’ll be back next week.

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  1. Amy 11.24.2018 at 9:01am #

    This was lovely. Thank you for posting this gentle reminder that there is hope and connection if we but open to it. Your posts provide are how I start my day. Thank you!

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