4 Powerful Questions that Cut Through the Noise

Seth Godin recently reposted In Search of Meaningful, about what kind of digital content is truly valuable and worth paying for.

He asked four questions to test the value of the content we are are reading or creating:

—Is it generic?
—Is it for the reader or the search engine?
—Would I/you miss it if it were gone?

Most importantly:

—Is it meaningful?

Sally Schneider

Our leap into being subscriber-funded a few years ago was fueled by these questions. We ask them daily with our readers in mind.

We charge for Improvised Life because handmade, labor-intensive, not-search-engine-driven content requires money to pay the bills and survive.  And because, after all these years, we are committed to keeping it a calm, clear space with no ads.

When you think about whether Improvised Life is worth paying for, we invite you to ask:

Would I miss it if it were gone?

Is it meaningful?

If the answer is YES, “meaningful” can be had for a mere $1.99 a month or $18 per year.

If you’ve already subscribed, we thank you deeply…

…AND invite you to buy a subscription for a friend as a way of supporting us and sharing our vast store house of illuminating content.

Photo: Dese’rae L. Stage; Graffiti: Sally Schneider

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