Cool, Graphical Masking Tape Decorations for Walls, Cards, Wrapping

I haven’t done a thing to get ready for the holidays is an echo I’ve heared from many people I know. So many things are pressing and time flies so quickly and…. No matter.  There’s always ways to jass things up the place at the last minute with whatever is on hand.

Tape came to mind when I saw these modern holiday designs from illustrations that accompanied an article in Manrepeller whose title, The Holidays Are an Excellent Time to Do Whatever You Want, was all you needed to read. They make fine blueprints for simple wall decorations, cards, wrapping.

Emily Zirimis for Manrepeller

Desginer Emily Zirimis created them from clever configerations of rectangles and circles….

Emily Zirimis for Manrepeller

You can buy colored masking or washi tapes at crafts stores and Amazon, like this great set….

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