Ephemeral Curtains and Room Dividers Strung on Wires Are Easy to Do

Scrolling through SF Girl By Bay‘s round up of images from clothier @_aurelielecuyer‘s instagram, I came across a number that featured gauzy curtains hung on simple wires; they all appear to have been taken in the same house…


The lack of an imposing curtain rod gives a pleasingly minimalist and ephemeral quality to the rig…


…and a definite lightness to the lines…


…It reminded me of the ever-useful Ikea’s Dignitat stainless steel curtain wire that makes wire-hung curtains easy to put up, whether window treatment or room divider.  (In my last place, I used it to hide a Murphy Bed in a room I used for photo shoots. You’ll find lot’s of info here for where to buy extra wide linen.)



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