Combine Summer Camp Pleasures with Personal Growth (and Digital Empowerment)

One of the most magical places I know of to retreat, rest, take stock of my life and transform it is Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, an alternative educational center located in Rhinebeck, New York, 80 miles north of New York City. It feels like a summer camp for adults with way better accommodations and food. You can take one of its 350+ programs in various holistic studies — faculty has included Deepak Chopra, Jane Goodall, Maya Angelou, Philip Glass, and Pema Chodron among others —or just be, following your personal path in a bucolic and tranquil setting.

Every day I’ve spent at Omega has been transformative in ways I could not have anticipated, in large measure due to the illuminating conversations that spontaneously occur with the remarkable people who gather there.  I think of it as a catalyst for change and possibility thinking.

This sign that welcomes visitors into Omega’s sanctuary, its serene meditation space, gives a sense of the kinds of lovely quiet reminders I’ve encountered there:

Sally Schneider

This summer, I’ll lead a workshop at Omega’s Build Your Audience in the Digital Age Conference June 21-23. My focus will be blogging, the many forms it can take, and how to handle the “reality sandwiches” of the digital world, not the least of which is creating compelling content on a regular basis.

If you’ve wanted to create blogs, video courses, and mobile apps or learn about the business of online education, join me and a stellar roster of teachers. Details here.

You can find out about the many unique offerings this spring and summer at Omega’s Rhinebeck campus here. For serious possibility dreaming, order print catalogues of Omega’s courses here.

2 Responses to Combine Summer Camp Pleasures with Personal Growth (and Digital Empowerment)

  1. gallagher 03.13.2019 at 4:16pm #

    Good morning Sally.
    Looking thru the great fotos,
    of the Omega Institute,…
    especially the ‘3rd’,..
    it hit me:
    I think we have a pretty good market here,
    for some Flexispot-Sit-Stand-Desktops(!).
    ,….at the VERY LEAST,….
    30 or 40 Folding Stools with Leather Seats!

    You get us the contract,
    ..i’ll puzzle ’em together,
    ….we’ll split 60/40.
    (Trust me with the wine,
    …you can work the frying pan.)

    Your friend,

  2. Sally Schneider 03.13.2019 at 9:23pm #

    hahaha. You have a point. Who can sit on the floor anymore?

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