Dominique Nabokov’s As-is, Not-Styled, REAL Paris Living Rooms Are a Joy

We’ve lost it for home design blogs, which we used to love. We hardly look at them anymore, dispirited as we are by the sameness of interiors, the ultra-controlled, luxurious sets with nothing out of place and no one home.  We want real spaces, unique because they reflect the very unique lives of the people who created them, whose lives dictated their design. We find that when we do stumble on a space that moves us,  it invariably has a timeless quality. Like those Dominique Nabokov photographed, consciously not styled or lit, just documented is-ness.

Her book New York Living Rooms is lovely to look at for that reason (our story about it here).  Hungering for more, we found images from her out-of-print Paris Living Rooms at Mondoblogo which stopped publishing in 2016, but whose content remains great.  They are quirky, original, and interesting. Reading the captions with a notation of arrondissement reminds us of days walking Paris.

Gerard Depardieu, Actor Auteuil (16th); Dominique Nabokov

Susan Schup, Artist, Le Marais (3rd); Dominique Nabokov

Catherine Breillat, Filmmaker, Canal Saint-Martin (10th)

Florence & Bernard Quentin. Filmmaker & Artist. Saint-Germain-des-Pres (7th); Dominique Nabokov

Marcial Berro, Jewelry Designer, Beaubourg (4th); Dominique Nabokov

Giles Dufour, Fashion Designer, La Muette (16th)


Sigh.  More at Mondo-blogo.

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