Vivianne Westwood’s Activist Fashion for Personal Power and Global Change

Martin Parr

Martin Parr’s wonderful portrait of the always-inspiring wise-elder activist fashion designer, Vivianne Westwood got us wondering what she was up to. It was taken several years ago in her orange hair mode. We watched as she cut it to crew, grew it out white, and kept growing it until it became a whole other iteration; through all she remained forthright and compelling looking, as she changed before our eyes (without a facelift).

We found clips at her instagram of her ongoing mission to have people “buy less; dress up”.  Her new collection is all about not buying her clothes!   How you might ask?  She tells you here.   Video link here, in case.)



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…you can get a look together from the clothes you already have and you can just add one thing and make all the difference.



In Westwood’s vision, fashion loses its natural frivolousness, and becomes, instead, a means of self expression and personal power, and from there, change.



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