Watch Bob Dylan Write “If You See Her, Say Hello”, as You Listen

With the release of Vol. 14 of Bob Dylan’s Bootleg series, Columbia Records released a video of the first take Dylan recorded of his song “If You See Her, Say Hello” with a unique twist.  It is an animated version of Dylan’s own handwriting from his original notebooks.

The song unfolds — is written — before our eyes, with additions and words crossed-out, as though we were seeing through Dylan’s eyes, as he wrote in Barry Weinstein’s photo,  an unexpected intimacy and insight.

Barry Feinstein

via KQED, with thanks to David Saltman

One Response to Watch Bob Dylan Write “If You See Her, Say Hello”, as You Listen

  1. Diane 05.30.2019 at 2:08pm #

    I have always loved Bob Dylan and had the thrill of viewing some of his personal papers and lyrics, both typed and handwritten, just last week. How fun to hear the song and see his (now familiar to me) script coordinated together. Thank you!

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