A Few Sexy Things in Honor of a National Self Pleasure Month

We’ve just learned that May is National Masturbation Month. To celebrate, we thought we’d post a few of our favorite finds on the theme.

In honor of this special month, Mashable created a series called Feeling Yourself, to “explore the finer points of self pleasure” which, of course, reflect a wide array of self-expression. We especially liked 19 People Share Niche Things that Turn Them On:  simple, sensual, everyday pleasures. They got us attuned to a whole raft of delights we hadn’t focused on, and got us thinking about our own favorites.

“Being good at whistling.”

“Pulling the tab off a new can of tennis balls and the smell immediately after. The gardenias are blooming right now and the first one I smelled this year surprised me in a good way.”

 “The dull roar of a skateboard coming down the street.”

 “The sound of a stream in the countryside. Yes!”

Fittingly, Navy Times published a report about a couple of navy pilots’ attempt to draw a “sky penis” across the blue skies of Washington State in 2017.  When they noticed the contrails their jet produced were particularly robust one afternoon, they decided to try phallic sky-writing, figuring it wouldn’t last long enough for people on the ground to notice. They did notice, big-time,  although they couldn’t hear the pilots worrying that “the balls are going to be lopsided.”

About the most charming thing we’ve seen in the realm of self-pleasure of late is Pussy, Renata Gąsiorowska’s short animated film.  “A young girl spends the evening alone at home. She decides to have some sweet solo pleasure session, but not everything goes according to plan.




4 Responses to A Few Sexy Things in Honor of a National Self Pleasure Month

  1. gallagher 05.31.2019 at 2:38pm #

    🎶 Rosie, you wear my ring.
    When you hold me tight,
    Rosie that’s my thing.
    When you turn out the light,
    I’ve got to hand it to me.
    Looks like it’s me and you again tonight,..
    Rosie. 🎶


    Why did you only tell us this,,,,
    At the END of the month!.?? 😕

  2. Pam in Paris 06.02.2019 at 10:08am #

    AGREED!!!!! Why only now?

  3. Sally Schneider 06.03.2019 at 7:21pm #

    REally great question. Why not ALL THE TIME?????

  4. Sally Schneider 06.17.2019 at 8:29pm #

    Just found out. But of course, it’s something to celebrate all the time…

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