Editing Those Ubiquitous Lists of Reminders Yields Potent Scraps of Wisdom

In our internet wanderings, we come across quite a few lists of advice about how to live, like this one from Singapore based Design Studio Pupilpeople: a charming glow-in-the-dark series of reminders crafted to start and end with the same word.  But over the years, we’ve come to look more closely at lists like these, to decide if what they are saying is truly useful.


Out of Pupilpeople’s twelves reminders, we found six that yield resonating hunks wisdom with a curiously balancing effect due to the echoing first and last word in each line. Here’s our revised list:

be   positive and let things   be

break   from old routines and give yourself a   break

go   outdoors and learn to let   go

grow   in knowledge and let your heart   grow

have   a thankful heart and treasure what you   have

listen   to your heart but give others a   listen


There is so much information, advice, opinions coming at us, we find ourselves honing our curating skills, to take in only what is nourishing, while editing out the rest.



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