Gone Forest Bathing…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

…Like magic, after a couple of hours, I feel like I’ve been on vacation for a week…

Sally Schneider

…And gain remarkable perspective, a bigger picture that helps calm my worry…

Sally Schneider

I find hidden places among the trees…

Sally Schneider

…like this made-from-a-tree-bench. It is perfect for lying down, dreaming and napping as…

Sally Schneider

… look up into the sparkling branches…

5 Responses to Gone Forest Bathing…

  1. Ra Martin 08.26.2019 at 3:17pm #

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…what a wonderful thing to do, in fact essential to the soul and spirit.
    Enjoy and thank you for reminding us out here in soundbytes and viewing land of the value of disconnecting!

  2. Masha 08.26.2019 at 7:14pm #

    Have a nice retreat, Sally, and joyous forest bathing !

  3. EllenRocco 08.28.2019 at 9:10am #

    I am delighted for you! I cannot think of anything more satisfying then to have time to simply wander through a forest. For me, I think it’s the immensity of the trees by comparison to me that reminds me that all of this is just a moment in time. Years ago, newly divorced and devastated, I took myself off to the woods, found myself hugging a huge and very old tree and thinking, “this tree has been here all this long time and is still here. I will survive too”. Over the years, I have thought about – and thanked – that tree many, many times. I did indeed survive and in fact have flourished in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined.

  4. Sally Schneider 08.29.2019 at 10:02am #

    Thank you. I’m heading out again today. I highly recommend STOPPING!

  5. Sally Schneider 08.29.2019 at 10:03am #

    That is a beautiful story. Thank you! Especially the last line: I did indeed survive and in fact have flourished in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined.

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