Benriner Mandoline Food Slicer


On her first trip to France as a young chef, Sally hauled back a heavy stainless steel French mandoline for slicing and julienning vegetables. Years later, she found the inexpensive Benriner Mandoline in a Japanese grocery store and never used the French one again. The Benriner has since become beloved by professional chefs.

The Benriner, which only comes in ugly colors, comes with four interchangeable blades that let you quickly slice, shred, julienne, or thread-cut any vegetable. You can easily adjust the thickness of each slice, and the safety guard prevents finger injuries during delicate slicing. The steel blades are compressed, then heat treated and finished by hand, making them super sharp.

There’s a larger size model that is good for cutting widish vegetables like celery roots and cabbage. We have both.

To see the Benriner in action, [check out this video ]


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