The Gary Snyder Reader: Prose, Poetry, and Translations


Our copy of the Gary Snyder Reader is dog-eared from use and fringed with post-its. From his essays to his poems, we can open it anywhere and find something illuminating, like this little nugget:

My teacher once said to me,
—become one with the knot itself,
till it dissoves away.
—sweep the garden.
—any size.

Amazon’s description of just WHO Snyder is sums him up better than we can:

Gary Snyder has been a major cultural force in America for five decades—prize-winning poet, environmental activist, Zen Buddhist, earth-householder, and reluctant counterculture guru. One of the original “Beats”, Snyder has produced a broad-ranging body of work that encompasses his fluency in Eastern literature and culture, his commitment to the environment, and his concepts of humanity’s place in the cosmos…

…From freighter to firetower, Zendo to Himalayan mountain ridge, Snyder’s writings reflect a lifetime of study, journey, and the practice of everyday mindfulness.

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