The Improvisational Cook


What happens if you …
… pair prosciutto with roasted pears?
… shave Parmesan on French fries?
… add pepper to a chocolate cake?
… pan–fry macaroni and cheese?

Sally’s very own award-winning cookbook will get you improvising in the kitchen! Everyday meat loaf, roast chicken, and cornbread become inspired new dishes in the hands of The Improvisational Cook. Sally Schneider, bestselling author of A New Way to Cook, encourages home chefs to be creative and daring, to “cook out of the box,” in order to create their own culinary magic. Encouraging freedom from strict recipes and set lists of ingredients, The Improvisational Cook is the ideal cookbook for anyone who has ever considered pairing prosciutto with roasted peaches or putting parmesan on french fries.

“Schneider weans home cooks off their training wheels and provides a springboard from which they can leap out of the box, craft their own distinctive dishes, and let their new instinctive and creative juices flow.”  —Mario Batali


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