Mallomar, a marshmallow dome sitting on a cookie about the size of a half dollar coated with chocolate is a truly, oddly seasonal food, in that they are only available October through March because the chocolate — real chocolate — would melt in warm months. During their season, we often bring to them as friends as gifts to see the reaction: just about everyone past the age of 20 has big Mallomar memories, although they may not have eaten them in years.

Every Mallomar aficionado has their own way of eating a Mallomar. Some people like to eat the chocolate-coated marshmallow first, and then the chocolate wafer, as a kind of bonus. Some like to view a Mallomar as a tiny cake and cut it into wedges. Some press two Mallomars together and gobble a giant splice. Then there’s slicing them horizontally to get an extra slice of marshmallow. If you put one on a little plate in a low oven for half an hour, it becomes S’more-like, best eaten with a spoon.

True greatness in the realm of commercial cookie.

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