Mud Pies and Other Recipes


This was one of my favorite books as a kid and the book I give to every little kid I know. It’s a cookbook for a kid’s world outdoors, even if the kid, like me, never actually acted out the recipes. Like the best children’s books, it fueled my imagination and painted a world rich with possibilities:

You can use a tree stump for a counter. The sea makes a nice sink; so does a puddle at the end of a hose. For a stove there is the sun, or a flat stone. And ovens are everywhere. You’ll find them under bushes, in sandboxes or behind trees…Cooking utensils should, whenever possible, be made from something that would otherwise be thrown away…

In my mind I made Boiled Buttons, Grabgrass Gumbo, Pine Needle Upside-Down Cake and Stuffed Sea Shells.…not to mention my own concoctions, which I am still making, to this day. — Sally

Note: I’ve found that adults enjoy the book as much as kids. Read more here.


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