Yellow Plasti-Dip


This classic rubber tool-dip has many creative alternative uses that we’ve played with through the years; we saw traditional woven baskets dipped partway in rubber and thought this stuff would be perfect for an at-home version of it. With the consistency of a thick, smooth paint, the material is easy to work with and can do everything from capping ends of cutlery a la Pasccal Anson, create grips on your favorite tools, adding a chic rubberized texture to knobs and pulls, or even updating parts of your wooden furniture with it. It’s also fairly easy to remove and has been used to spray-coat expensive exotic cars in temporary pastel colors. It also comes in black, blue, red and a tintable set.

Check out our post about it, and, for seriously-rad inspiration, this plasti-dipped pink Lamborhini.

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