Home Quick Planner: Reusable, Peel & Stick Furniture & Architectural Symbols


An invaluable tool used by Sally herself when figuring out how to design Improvised Life’s Laboratory, this planner facilitates drawing a design “from scratch” . It includes a 5,600 square-foot floor plan grid and 700 precut, reusable peel-and-stick, 1/4-inch scale furniture and architectural symbols, to help you design your own building, remodeling and decorating projects.

It includes everything you need from tables, chairs, couches, beds and pianos to every standard kitchen cabinet and appliance, an extensive assortment of bathroom fixtures and cabinets, plus windows, doors, walls, switches, outlets, lights and much more. Simply lift the symbols and arrange (and re-arrange)  them on the floor plan grid to design floor plans, move furniture and make changes.  Use a nail scissors to trim the size if you don’t see what you need.

Working with your hands to fashion the space — be it your suburban starter home, an apartment in the city or a cabin upstate you’re working on— is often much easier and more fun than using a computer program. It’s proven a great visual tool to help “stuck” people  visualize the possibilities in their space.


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