Sky Lanterns


These purportedly biodegradable lanterns are made out of rice paper, non-toxic wax and bamboo. Their wax “fuel cell” is essentially a candle which when lit, creates air currents that cause the paper lantern to fly into the air, as much as a mile high. The picture of it looked exactly like the lovely “dream balloons” we posted long ago, used in festivals throughout Asia where thousands of people light lanterns and send them flying into the air as they make a wish.  ”Sky lanterns” can be bought on Amazon in a pack of 10, and would make a lovely house gift for a summer celebration.

*Because Improvised Life always strives to be environmentally conscientious, we recommend devising a game plan for collecting as much of these as possible after they have landed. While the product claims to be biodegradable, that process takes a very long time––and we’d hate to contribute to litter in your neighborhood.

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