Tantra Song: Tantric Painting from Rajasthan


This gorgeous volume is a rare collection of powerful anonymous, modernist Tantric paintings from Rajasthan, done on salvaged paper: “things of beauty used to awaken heightened states of consciousness,” collected and presented by Franck André Jamme.

This book is one we return to over and over again not only for being so visually appealing and so stylistically refreshing/surprising, but because it is so in tune with our own improvised philosophy, especially how Jamme came to find them. The works compiled by Jamme are not “gallery art,” nor are they “ethnic art” repurposed and reappropriated by an art worlder––they’re more in keeping with the “outsider art” aesthetic with a spiritual bent.

We keep the book propped open to let an image reverberate through our space. We’ve found it to be a very special and much appreciated gift.


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